June 9, 2012 ACT (ACT Form 70C) Answer Explanations Now Available!

Answer explanations are now available for the June 9, 2012 ACT!

If you purchased the Test Information Release (TIR) from the ACT when you registered for the June 9, 2012 test, you should have recently received your test booklet back.  If you have not yet received your test booklet, it will likely be arriving very soon.  Use our answer explanations to review your test and understand the nuances of the right and wrong answers to every single question.  Study your June test carefully, and be ready to do even better on the September and October exams!

Explanations are available here: June 2012 ACT Answer Explanations.

If you took the June ACT and have not yet purchased your TIR, it is not too late; you have three months from the test date to place your order, so order your TIR from the ACT today.  When you receive your copy of the test booklet, visit AnswerExplanations.com to review your test.

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