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Answer Explanations for: ACT December 2010, Form 69A

This document contains detailed answer explanations to every question from the December 11, 2010 ACT, Form 69A. Many Mathematics and English explanations also link to content pages that explain the relevant grammatical and mathematical concepts in greater detail. Please note that this document contains the explanations only, and does not provide the test questions themselves; it is a tool intended for use with a copy of your test that you purchased from the ACT via the Test Information Release (TIR). The following are sample explanations:

1) C) This question is testing you on verb tense, so look at the tenses of other verbs in the sentence and the sentences around it. The verbs “got,” “turned,” and “left” are all in the past tense, so the correct answer is C, since it is also in the past tense.

1) B) Probability is calculated by dividing the number of desired outcomes by the number of possible outcomes. Here, the desired outcome is that the student selected got an A on the book report, so there are 8 desired outcomes. There are 24 possible outcomes since there are 24 students in the class. Therefore, the answer is 8/24 which reduces to 1/3. An easy mistake to make would be to divide the number of students who received A’s by the number of students who did not receive A’s instead of by the total number of students, which would be 8/16 or 1/2.

1) C) The narrator received the parka before she went to dance for the president, which took place in the distant past. Therefore, she also received the parka before any of the events of the narrative, including her seeing the seagull’s flight and her going to the village gymnasium to dance. See lines 63-66.

1) A) Rider 1 starts off slower, represented by the lesser slope in Figure 1. Then, Rider 1 speeds up, represented by the slope increasing. Rider 1 finally catches up to Rider 2 at the intersection point of their graphs, at about 27 seconds. Continue reading

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