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Answer Explanations for: ACT April 2012, Form 70G

This document contains detailed answer explanations to every question from the April 14, 2012 ACT, Form 70G. Many Mathematics and English explanations also link to content pages that explain the relevant grammatical and mathematical concepts in greater detail. Please note that this document contains the explanations only, and does not provide the test questions themselves; it is a tool intended for use with a copy of your test that you purchased from the ACT via the Test Information Release (TIR). The following are sample explanations:

2) G) On apostrophe questions, you must consider two things: 1) whether it is plural or singular and 2) whether it is possessive or not possessive. Here, “contributions” is plural because more than one contribution is being discussed. It is not a possessive word, so you need the plural non-possessive “contributions,” which correctly does not use an apostrophe. F is incorrect because it is plural and possessive. H is incorrect because it is singular and possessive. J is incorrect because it is not a correct construction in any situation.

2) J) Probability can be defined as (number of desired outcomes)/(number of possible outcomes). Here, there are 100 possible outcomes and 36 + 22 = 58 possible outcomes. Therefore, the probability of not selecting a red jelly bean is 58/100 = 29/50. If you answered H, you likely missed the “NOT,” since 21/50 is the probability of selecting a red. See counting and probability.

1) A) In this passage, a former owner of a family business describes how the business was founded by his grandfather, grown by his father and uncles, maintained by himself, and currently run successfully by his son. Therefore, A is the best answer. B is incorrect because the passage does not discuss the business ever falling. C is incorrect because the narrator never mentions heated disagreements with his father about the business. D is incorrect because the passage is not written in praise of the narrator’s son; indeed, the narrator almost feels sorry for his son despite the good money his son is making, as is shown in lines 38-54.

1) B) According to Figure 1, the force increases from 0 to 90 msec and decreases from 90 msec to 300 msec. Therefore, from 50-100 msec, the force increases and decreases. Continue reading

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